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Give your users the ability to run javascript functions manually from within the Redux Framework options panel via button clicks.  With the Redux JS Button extension, anything accomplished via javascript may now be applied to any object within the options framework, or any object on the open page!  Features include:


  • Set one or multiple buttons within a single field.
  • Optional ‘class’ argument allows for styling of individual buttons.
  • Each button runs it’s own function from within the same script.
  • Modify or manipulate other fields or elements on the page using their class or id (knowledge of jQuery required).
  • Fully functional example included.


The JS Button extension comes with a fully documented page explaining the set up and use of the extension, including an example to help get you started.  We’ve already included the code to trigger any function you write, but a working knowledge of javascript and/or jQuery is required in writing specific functions that accomplish any given task.   Please see the documentation page for more information.


We’ve set up a demo on the author’s site, should you want to take the extension for a spin.

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