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The Redux CSS Layout extension is great and innovative new way to set the margin, border, and padding elements for any CSS selector, all from one interface.  Features include:


  • Margin, border, and padding inputs are shown at their proper CSS hierarchy levels.
  • Disable any level to prevent user input.
  • Set border radius, color and style.
  • Optionally display border radius controls.
  • Dynamic CSS output.
  • Output individual elements or combine them into one shorthand property.
  • Intelligent inputting.


What’s intelligent inputting?


The CSS Layout field always has ready a default unit value, which can be changed as desired.  The field also allows for an accepted range of unit values (i.e. – px, in, em, etc.).  When a user enters a value into one of the layout inputs and do not include a unit value, the default unit value is automatically entered.  Alternatively, should a user enter a unit value that does not fall in the accepted range of value, the extension will remove the bad unit value and replace it with the default value.  This is done in an effort to prevent bad input and user error, without having to clutter up the interface with additional drop down boxes for selecting unit values.


Please be sure to visit the CSS Layout documentation page for detailed information on how to setup and use the CSS Layout field, with example code provided.


We’ve set up a demo on the author’s site, should you want to take the extension for a spin.

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