The Redux Team

Redux Framework is an open-source project with a growing number of contributors. Along with those members of our community who provide invaluable support, bug fixes, and the like, we have a dedicated team of developers who have sacrifice their own time to make Redux what it is today.

Core Development Team

  • Dovy Paukstys

    Joined the Redux team in September 2013 after having worked on his own fork of SMOF and NHP for some time. He is an invaluable asset to the development team and the head designer and features for the framework.

  • Kevin Provance

    Resident bug stomper, copy editor, and general gopher. Wandered into the project late in 2013.

  • Gregory Karpinsky

    Gregory joined the Redux team in September 2013 after having contributed extensively to both Redux and Simple Options in the past. His specialty is tracking down obscure bugs and helping us (and our users) fix them.