About Redux Framework

The Story of Redux Framework
The story of Redux is quite interesting. We thought we would share that story with you from the view of each of the major developers.
Lee Mason - Redux is NHP Reborn

Lee Mason

leemasonI started the NHP Theme Options a few years ago now. And the response i got from it was great.

At the time there were “options” frameworks about, but nothing that integrated with the then new WordPress settings api, or that provided much validation and error support.


The inspiration for the framework was simple. I wanted (at the time) to be a theme developer, and needed a base i could use across all my themes. Hence the options framework.


As already stated the response from the framework was amazing and very quickly the framework got forked and forked, and forked some more.


My inspiration of becoming a theme dev got put on the back-burner due to masses of client work and requests. Our WHMCS development took off like a rocket, and is still a key focus of No Half Pixels Ltd. Needless to say, since the creation of the NHP, there hasn’t been much time.


As a result Dovy and Dan forked NHP and created Redux. Redux started as just an NHP fork, but it quickly became much more with additional features from SMOF and other frameworks.


We united since both frameworks have the same goal, to create an awesome framework for use in themes and plugins. We came to conclusion merging would be much better for us as devs, and for the community too. We now have more hands on deck to handle feature requests and bug fixes.


We have big plans, and you can be sure that the Redux team will deliver some great work.

Daniel Griffiths - NHP, Redux to Redux, whew

Daniel Griffiths

Before beginning work on Redux, I tried Options Framework and Up Theme Framework, and everything in between. While educational, none of the options I tried were perfect for me… until I found NHP Options Framework. Lee’s work was brilliant! Sadly, it was also abandoned.


After sorting through the numerous pending issues, I decided that it was time for a fresh start. Simply trying to patch the original framework wasn’t enough, I needed to give others the benefit of a more flexible, updated framework. Thus… Redux was born. Throughout the last year, I’ve worked Redux into virtually all of my work, and its incredible community keeps finding ways to push the best framework around a little bit further!


When I met Dovy, I realized that his Simple Options framework and Redux were built on the same principles and the same goals… but he had the design skills I lacked. A merger seemed the logical choice. A few hours of discussion later, we had joined forces to take Redux to the next level, a bar which we have continued to raise with each passing update!


Don’t believe that we’re the best? Our thorough collection of actions and filters aren’t reason enough to switch? Try Redux in your next project and judge for yourself!

Dovy Paukstys - SMOF, NHP, SimpleOptions, Redux What?!

Dovy Paukstys

Earlier this year I was in the process of developing my first premium WordPress theme. Since WordPress 2.0 I have been creating and altering themes for my clients. I decided I wanted to make my own themes and sell them on ThemeForest. As I was nearing completion of my theme, Envato updated their Theme Submission Requirements. I had previously selected SMOF as my framework of choice, due to the superb styling when compared to the other frameworks. I knew SMOF was not compliant with ThemeForest’s updated requirements. I also found many shortcomings in the code of SMOF, and knew that a core rewrite was in order. So I forked SMOF and started to look around for a solid foundation for the rebuild.


Then I found NHP, the work of Lee Mason. Superb coding, but maybe not as strong design. So… I merged the two frameworks and created SimpleOptions. As I neared release, I met Dan Griffiths. He had previously forked NHP a year or so prior to me and made Redux 2.0. It didn’t take long for us to both realize we needed to merge the two. So we took the best of both of our forks and made Redux 3.0, which we released as a standalone plugin as well as embeddable code for plugins and themes. Redux 3.0 was essentially formed for 4 frameworks: NHP, Redux, SMOF, and SimpleOptions.


On a whim I decided to try to contact Lee Mason. I was lucky enough to catch him. We spoke for 1 hour about the future of our frameworks. After a few emails back and forth, we merged to one Team Redux.


We are so honored to have Lee as system architect of Redux. The majority of our foundation originated from his work. It’s a natural fit and we are exited to work with him.


I personally have one goal. I want Redux to be the de facto Option Framework for every major theme developer within the next year. With Lee, Dan, and I, you can ensure that we’ll do all we can to make this happen. There’s a bright future ahead.