Theme-Check Compliant, at Long Last

For a long time now, we’ve wanted Redux Framework to be Theme-Check compliant. The two factors preventing this were mainly WP FileSystem API failure (we included some hardcoded fallbacks in place), and vendor files (other projects we utilize). Today, we are proud to announce that the most recent development build of Redux will pass Theme-Check with flying colors!

 And on that note, may freedom ring! Happy Independence Day America! 😉

We took a hard look at all things within Redux that made Theme-Check bark like a schizophrenic dog. Honestly, we didn’t do anything horrible, we simply used direct functions rather than letting WordPress run the same functions. So, we decided to make the plunge. We shifted all file input/output to the WP Filesystem and made the changes to our Redux_Filesystem proxy class to handle our problem cases. We also removed a few URLs here, and some function names there.

We also embedded some really useful custom Theme-Check checks to further assist developers in submitting their themes to marketplaces. We want you – as developers – to know exactly what you need to do to comply. We also added a custom check, to further help theme developers.

Our next step is to add proper escaping to our field HTML output. Though Redux already escapes properly – since we use the WordPress settings API – we wanted to ensure you don’t have to tell your reviewers anything. We don’t want our code to be the cause of your work being flagged by marketplace reviewers. If we already escape something, we’ll add an inline comment so reviewers know what we are doing.

In the end, we seek to comply. We want to ensure Redux is for for the masses and ready for any marketplace (no matter how specific the rules may be).

We Need Your Help!

Please test the development build of Redux Framework in your own theme. Try out Theme-Check, and make sure we didn’t break anything. The sooner we have more eyes on these improvements, the sooner we’ll be able to make an official release, and the sooner we can push down some of our customizer fixes.   😉

As always, a special thank you our developers. We hope you like Redux and that it makes your life easier.