Redux Welcomes Lee Mason (@leemason), Creator of the NHP Framework

Earlier this year I set out on a quest. I searched a framework that looked as good as SMOF, complied with all of the updated ThemeForest requirements, and was as well coded as NHP.


So what did any able developer do? I forked SMOF and NHP. I somehow managed to merged the two frameworks. Then I found that Daniel Griffiths (@ghost1227) had previously forked NHP. It didn’t take long for us to team up.


It’s interesting to note that Redux has always been based on the work of Lee Mason (@leemason), the developer behind the NHP Theme Options Framework and the director of


That’s why it is with great pleasure for us to announce that, as of today today, Lee Mason is part of the ReduxFramework team! Lee brings with him an array of powerful ideas from his work on NHP and his desires to take things much further. It’s a natural fit and looks like a bright future for everyone.


We plan to finish a few of the lingering bugs and then blast through to a new major release, changing our architecture which will allow us to move Redux to a whole new level.


We would like to truly welcome Lee. Also, to our users, there are great things coming. So stay tuned.